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Name of FacultyPositionHighest Educational Attainment
Francis H ArroyoFacultyMasters in Business Administration
Maynard R BagtasosDean, School of Management and AccountancyMasters in Public Administration
Magdalena DagaleaFacultyBachelor of Science in Commerce - Sec Administration
Dr Josephine L DajuelaFacultyDoctor of Philosophy
Christian Paul M MarcialFacultyBachelor of Science in Office Administration
Feliciano F MontañoFacultyMasters in Business Education
Edwin F PamaranFacultyMasters of Business Administration
Jose Journal A PanganFacultyMasters in Business Education
Erlinda B PerezFacultyMasters in Business Administration
Alphi C SantiagoFacultyMasters in Business Education
Dexter C VelezDepartment ChairpersonMasters in Business Administration