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The University Research Office (URO) exists in the service of the research and publication thrust of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University (AdZU).  URO leads in the institutional operationalization and production of research and publication, one of the very significant functions of a university.  This is done by cultivating a vibrant research and publication culture among the faculty and staff in AdZU.  Specifically, the office facilitates in the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of its research programs, processes, and projects. 

URO runs three programs, namely, research chair program, training and coaching program, and research utilization program.  Its services include logistical and administrative support to AdZU faculty and staff involved in research. The office is animated by the Dean for Research, the Assistant to the Dean for Research, Research Officers, Research Staff, and Support Staff.  With the newly created positions and new members, URO embarks on new ways of running the office and coordinating with different research stakeholders in the university and beyond.  Together with the AdZU Research Ethics Committee, and Asia Mindanaw Journal, URO is supervised by the University Research and Publication Council (URPC), of which URO is the secretariat.