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The Student Group Guidance Program (SGGP) of the College Guidance and Counselling Office (CGCO) has officially launched “Adjustment 101: How to Adjust to your” last Monday, July 8, 2019 at the Campion Lecture Hall, Bellarmine Campion Building, Salvador Campus.

A collaborative effort conducted with the FFP Formators of the Social Awareness and Community Service Involvement (SACSI) Office, the seminar revolved around Goal Setting, Tips for Setting into College Life, Time Management, Procrastination, and other issues commonly experienced by college freshmen.

The activity was spearheaded by Mr Alexander A Medina, SGGP Program Officer of the CGCO Office. The sessions were conducted to accommodate all college freshmen, and will be continuously facilitated by Guidance Counselors Ms. Norma A. Baluca, RGC, Ms. Sheila Tiong, RGC, Mr. Bernard Vargas, and Mr. Alexander Medina for the entire school year.

Adjustment 101 is one of the seminars conducted by CGCO to promote a more manageable transition for AdZU Freshmen from Senior High School to College life within the campus. It is hoped that through this group discussion, AdZU College Freshmen will have a more manageable transition and adjustment from Senior High School to College life.

Photos by: CGCO Office