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The office provides consultation services for the entire Ateneo community (faculty and staff). We  will be  glad  to  answer  any  questions that you may have about our services, your concerns about a  student,  and  referral options. Your call will be routed to an available counselor. We can   also assist you in making an effective counseling referral.

2. Research

3.Counseling and Psychology Internship Program

Internship is the culminating activity in the training of most students with counseling majors. It consists of the integration and application of counselor competencies. Internship provides the counselor-in-training the opportunity to utilize counseling skills, tools, and knowledge in counseling situations under supervision.

4. Information Service

Books, journals, and other reading materials are available to the students and faculty for queries on psychology and guidance related topics.

5. Referral Resources

Faculty and staff of the university who have observed students who may need counseling may refer them to the CGCO. Fellow students, parents, or other concerned individuals may also make steps towards a referral.

6. Counselor Training