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The program on Environment of the Social Awareness and Community Involvement Service Involvement Office spring from the idea that people must stop, look, and listen to the social realities that disrupt the normal flow of the Environment. It was developed as an effort to inform the people of the indispensable function of everything in the Environment in the hope that they would become people with utmost respect to the sacredness of creation, always putting forward the idea of equitable distribution of resources.As an initiative under an academic institution, it is primarily designed college students, faculty and staff of the Jesuit University in Region – IX and other requesting institutions in the peninsula. Basically, the Program would like to invest in the minds of the young people by allowing them to EXPERIENCE – REFLECT – ACT in the hope that they will be nurtured to become leaders that will support the pillar for sustainable development.

Vision and Mission


The Program envisions the Ateneo de Zamboanga University as catalyst of change for the city and the region by breaking new grounds in academic offerings and school – based advocacy for Environment protection.


As a Program under the Social Action Office, the Program on Environment is committed to pursue the following:

a) Provide the ADZU community the formation sessions and the academic programs that strengthened Environmental Science foundation and values orientation.

b) Increase the conduct of non – formal trainings and outreach programs that highlights shared responsibility with different communities and publics for Environment protection and advocacy

c) Implement projects that would allow the participation of ADZU constituents.

d) Serve as resource center for information and networking in the city and the region by 2014.


The Program on Environment provides services to various sectors of the Society through exposure trips (mountain climbing, spelunking, river trekking, snorkeling, SCUBA Diving, Tree Planting, Mangrove Planting and others). The Program also gives customized workshops, seminars, trainings, camps to particular clients depending on their need.

Process of Conducting Out of School Activities

1. A letter of permission must be written to the Dean of Student affairs informing them of the activity 3-5 days prior.

2. Together with the letter to the DSA, the program officer or the requesting party must also secure the parents’ consent of the participants (students).

3. Before deploying the students to the area, the program officer or requesting party must inform the local officials of whichever Barangay they are visiting in.

4. A day before bringing the students to the area, a pre – orientation seminar is necessary to orient the students of the do’s in the vicinity.

5. In cases of activities that require payment of equipments, the amount must be deposited at the finance office. The amount will serve as maintenance fee for the materials. (see list of materials and prices below).

MaskPackage – 100 pesosMask and snorkel only – 60 pesosLife vest only – 40 pesosPer personPer day
Live vest
Hard Hats30 pesosPer personPer day

Other ENVI materials:- Materials (books, films, documentations, posters, datas, infos, etc)- manta board- net bags for scubasurero- products out of recycled materials- shovels- weighing scale- trolley- masks and snorkels- life vest