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At the EDSA@30 Commemorative Gathering last Feb 24 at the BC Quadrangle in Ateneo’s La Purisima Campus, the community gathered to celebrate the People Power Revolution’s Pearl Anniversary.

Songs reminiscent of February 26, 1986 were sang: Bayan ko, Magkaisa, Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo, and stories related by those who took part of that moment in history that put the Philippines on the map of the world, marked the celebration.

Fr Karel San Juan, SJ, ADZU President, an EDSA 1986 “veteran” who marched the streets of the national highway in Manila, rekindled the spirit of patriotism, reminding those present that the real power is in the hands of people. He said that the struggle for a better Philippines continues, and that the love for country shown by the people in EDSA is still needed today, as the country continues to work for peace and progress, and in the coming of the elections, “… as voters, we should again stand for the same values and elect leaders who will keep the spirit of EDSA alive,” he added.

Former High School principal Oscar Carzada, recounted the events in Zamboanga, particularly in Ateneo de Zamboanga, that led to the Victory Parade in the streets of the city, with Ateneo leading the way. One unforgettable instance, Carzada recalls, was when those from the “other side” joined their ranks in their march, evoking images of what the country and the world witnessed 30 years ago, when the Military who were stationed in ESDA to keep the protesting People at bay with tanks, instead, joined the crowd who were unarmed.

Presence of the new generation, the “Millennials,” was noteworthy. The BC grounds were filled by Ateneo’s Junior High School students, and their counterpart from Pilar College and the Islamic Institute of the Philippines occupied the front seats in the audience. College and high students, all of whom were born a decade or two after the historical EDSA revolution, joined in the commemoration by reliving the selfless sacrifice of those who came before them to fight forfreedom and democracy they are now relishing.

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