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Yusof Morales, the Ateneo Peace Institute’s Muslim Affairs Coordinator, was recently appointed Commissioner of the National Commission on Filipino Muslims (NCFM). He was sworn in by Judge Peter V. Eisma of the Regional Trial Court Branch 15 last March 8, 2016.

With this appointment, Morales, whose jurisdiction covers the ZAMBASULTA area consisting of some 13 Ethno-Linguistic groups, will serve as a bridge, paving the way for ADZU to expand its engagements in communities. Specifically, Morales will continue the conduct by ADZU of interfaith dialogues between and among Muslims, Christians, Lumads and Indigenous People, strengthening the linkages between and among the Muslim community, government, and ADZU.

Having been appointed at a critical time post-Mamasapano and Tipo-tipo massacre and the non-passage of the Basic Bangsamoro Law, Morales plays a crucial role in plotting the course of the university in its way of proceeding in the peace process, and in weaving the Muslim Filipinos into the tapestry of mainstream society.

Under R.A. 9997 or the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos Act of 2009, as Commissioner, Morales will craft policies to empower Muslim Filipinos in the socio-economic, educational, cultural and religious aspects, recognizing their beliefs, customs and traditions, as well as their capacity to actively participate in nation-building.