Home | Over 700 elementary students graduate from the TaRL program in Zamboanga City

Written by Regie Anarredo
Photos taken by Lawrence Agustin

Mr Rogin Eribal hands out the certificate of completion to a student of San Jose Gusu Elementary School.

The Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) Program was capped with a graduation ceremony last June 23, 2023 held at Baliwasan Central School SPED Centre and San Jose Gusu Elementary School. There were 842 people who attended the TaRL graduation; it was composed of 429 graduates and 35 teachers from San Jose Gusu Elementary School, as well as 345 graduates and 42 teachers from Baliwasan Central School SPED Centre. The Teaching Champions, Learning Action Coaches, Mentor-Monitors, and Program Partners, who are primarily responsible for direct implementation, coaching, training, and assessments for the two schools were present along with the 77 teachers. The program’s goal is to establish a system where the education sectors collaborate to guarantee that all children become literate. It is committed to empowering Filipino school communities for learning recovery.

Mr Rogin Eribal, along with the principal of Baliwasan Central School, Mr Ryan Rubio, prepare for a photo opportunity with the students and teachers.

TaRL is an accelerated program facilitated by Teach Anywhere, a collaboration between AHA Learning Center, Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, and the Ateneo Learning and Teaching Excellence Center (ALTEC) that aims to recalibrate basic literacy and numeracy education by ensuring that all students are learning at their appropriate level and can learn, regardless of their background or circumstances using simple and scalable solutions. TaRL accomplishes this by giving teachers the instruments and materials to gauge their students’ comprehension of fundamental concepts and tailor their education accordingly. The mastery-based evaluation system created by this program aids teachers in determining each student’s proficiency level. A range of teaching tools and methods can be applied to cater to the needs of all students.

Since 2022, TaRL has been supported and collaborates closely with the Schools Division Office (SDO) in Zamboanga City and the Department of Education (DepEd). The successful implementation of a program to achieve zero reading and numerical illiteracy depends on a comprehensive approach that takes into account the needs of all students. TaRL is the best solution for bridging the gaps because it uses tried-and-true teaching strategies and exercises.