Home | ALTEC Launch: Speaker #5 Dr Dorothy Joan Lei Rabajante, Dean of the School of Education, AdZU

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Good afternoon, everyone. First of all, I would like to congratulate the Social Development Office through the initiative and leadership of our university president, Father Karel S. San Juan, of the Society of Jesus, for the establishment of the Ateneo, Learning and Teaching Excellence Center.

I remember its initial phases some years ago, when our dear Ma’am Anita Tagadiad, our then Professional Education Department Chair, and the ELDP Coordinator was part of the planning of this center. Finally, ALTEC has taken shape and is about to embark on AdZU’s mission of education in the country.

On behalf of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University School of Education or SED, I would like to express our full support to ALTEC. We at the School of Education are committed to fulfill our mission to deliver and advocate for quality and context-responsive education by serving not only our pre-service teachers, and administrators in various schools through the Educational Leadership and Development Program, or ELDP.

Over the years, the School of Education’s ELDP has expanded its reach and community involvement through partnerships with private and public institutions in Zamboanga Peninsula, Region IX, and beyond. We offer consultancy services to small private schools for quality assurance and accreditation, particularly in their application to the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities, or PAASCU, and there are also small schools in Zamboanga who apply for accreditation to the Private Education Assistance Committee, or PEAC, as a PRC accredited CPD provider. We also give trainings for teachers and mid-level administrators on a variety of topics ranging from effective literacy instruction in the early grades, curriculum quality audit and review, assessment and teaching strategies to topics on school management, mentoring, and coaching. We also offer the certificate in Educational Administration, a ladderized program towards a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration.

Soon, God willing, we hope to open more certificate programs in action research, research, teaching, digital pedagogy, and the alternative learning system teaching, or ALS teaching. With the establishment of ALTEC, we at the School of Education are excited, and we look forward to strong partnerships in implementing programs and activities on teacher professional development, quality assurance and accreditation for schools, and enhancement of curriculum and instruction toward quality education for the benefit of the Filipino youth.

We pray that the Lord will bless ALTEC, the team, and their plans. Thank you very much, and once again, congratulations.