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The CoViD-19 pandemic has forced people and institutions to embrace new and often unfamiliar ways of proceedings. Educational institutions are not exempt from this. In fulfilling their    research function, universities are also challenged by the emerging research questions,  methodologies, and  ethical  considerations  of  the  CoViD-19 era. Teaching  the students  the what and the how of research at this time adds up to the challenge.


The Ateneo de Zamboanga University (AdZU), through its University Research Office (URO), wishes     to contribute in making sense and easing out of these research challenges in the CoViD-19 era. With the use of an online platform, URO intends to gather interested researchers as well as research teachers and students to come together in a series of discourses that will facilitate the actualization of our inherent inclination toward research. We hope that these online discourses will bring out our research queries, hesitations, and difficulties, as well as our research responses, resolutions, and facilities. As a series of conversations, this effort intends to result in improved research instruction, completed research, and sustained passion for research in the University in the service of God and countrymen.

URO Webinar Series: