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ACCA has hosted a number of activities that encourage and showcase the artistic skills of the students of AdZU and national talent as well as fight for social issues using literary and visual arts. As of 2019 up until present, ACCA has hosted:

Malaya: The 2019 Independence Day Celebration
June 10, 2019

Malaya: The 2019 Independence Day Celebration is a collaboration activity that focuses on defining the true meaning of freedom. We aim to ignite the spirit of “Pagkadakila” and “Pagkamagiting” so students continue to raise their voices of “Pakikibaka” for the causes that matter to the society. To continue to use the value of “Paglikha” to innovate and to deepen our understanding of what is the true meaning of freedom in the field of culture and arts.

Orgullo: An Awareness Exhibition
June 29, 2019

Orgullo: An Awareness Exhibition has objective in raising the awareness, acknowledgement, promoting acceptance and appreciation of the LGBTQIA+ Community. Part of this event is also promote awareness about the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression (SOGIE) Bill. The highlights of this activity are the artworks of different artists who submitted during the Art Exhibit and also with the talk on the discussion of SOGIE Bill wherein students participated actively.

SOCIAL JAM: Hardcore Reality: The Importance of Facts in a Story
July 4, 2019

SOCIAL JAM: Hardcore Reality: The Importance of Facts in a Story is a collaborative effort by ACCA, University Communication Office (UCO) and Social Awareness and Community Services Involvement which aims to form Ateneans into advocates of responsible media use. It is a discussion on the role of media in bringing out and drawing the line at exposing the truth, and dealing with trolls and fake news.

July 19-31, 2019

An art installation project by student artists of the Ateneo Center for Culture and the Arts in celebration of St. Ignatius Month is an installation art project that invites the audience to an experience of “Finding God in All Things”; and to engage conversation with our Almighty Father.

Circlesinging: A music-making and improvisation workshop for people of allmusical levels and backgrounds
August 17 & 21, 2019

Circlesinging: A music-making and improvisation workshop for people of all musical levels and backgrounds is our first ACCA workshop series where the objective of this is to introduce the practice of circle singing to participants in Zamboanga City through workshops designed for students and educators.

EKSENA: A Basic Acting Workshop
August 24-26, 2019

EKSENA: A Basic Acting Workshop, the second workshop under the ACCA workshop series and this focuses on the field of Theatre Arts. The objective of this workshop is to enhance knowledge and skills of the participants in theatre arts, to develop their confidence and showmanship and it also aims in building back the TEATRO ATENEO student organization.

Contemplatio: A Long Loving Look at Reality Photo Exhibit of Bro. Jeff Pioquinto
December 3 2019- January 25, 2020

The exhibit was a simplified interactive version of the Spiritual Exercises in the form of photo exhibits. Curated by Kiko Miranda, the exhibit hoped to facilitate an encounter with Jesus Christ. It was not meant to replace the actual experience of going through the long silent retreat that St. Ignatius’ prescribes, but it definitely attempts to give each one going through this photo exhibit a glimpse of what the Spiritual Exercises can offer. More than 50 pax witnessed and enjoyed the opening of said exhibit. One of the highlights of the exhibit was the visitation of more than 200 students from the SHS department as a requirement from Bro. Bok Arandia.

ArtsFest 2020: The AdZU Culture and Arts Month Celebration
February 7 – March 7, 2020

Sining Likha Workshop Series (February 7,14,21, 2020) is the first event of ARTFEST 2020, it is a series of free workshop with the objective to elevate the artistry and creativity of our participants, to showcase and document excellent artistic expressions and to promote unique identity and values of Zamboanga culture.

Sana All: Mga Dulang Kemerut (Feb 10-12 and Feb 17-19) is a series of short plays in collaboration with the TEATRO ATENEO. It is to performed as fragments around the campus in “found spaces”. The theme behind all the short plays was conceptualized by our emerging young directors, Byronn Velarde, Fatima Tawasil and Gualbert Caces under the mentorship of Mr. Karl Jingco, an award winning director from Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

Broken Hearts, Healing Arts (February 17-March 20, 2020) is an exhibition curated by Sir Kiko Miranda that showcases photography, poems, spoken words, painting sculptures of emerging artists to the ADZU community.

Finding God Through the Arts: A Creative Encounter for the Creative Pilgrim (February 24, 2020) is a workshop by Linda Ferrer happened on the 24 th of February at Carlos Domiguez Conference Hall. This workshop will lead you to an experience of creative encounter for the creative pilgrim with the use of pen and ink and watercolor pencil as a medium. Moreover, this event is exclusively for formators, seminarians, counselors who will undergo the creative pilgrim

American Corner Mural Painting (February 2020) is a community mural painting designed by Sir Kiko Miranda. It is a collaborative effort with the Fr. Bacatan Library, our student volunteers and with the support of YSEALI Alumni who gave their all effort in accomplishing the said mural. Its objective is to experience the teamwork, camaraderie and the sense of family with one another and to highlight the creativity of everyone who are involved in making the mural painting successful.

From Dawn ‘till Dusk: The Revival Concert of the ADZU Glee Club (March 6-7, 2020) is the last part of the celebration of the ARTSFEST 2020. It is a historical event wherein after two decades, the ADZU Glee Clun is back in the spotlight with the new and talented voices of this generation. Also, this concert is part of the culmination program of ARTSFEST. It is a two-day event with an objective of promoting musical art in the Ateneo community, and a fund-raising activity to start up the revival of the ADZU Glee Club

ACCA  #SiningBayanihan

Art Challenge (April-May 2020) The objective of this challenge is to continue to elevate the artistry and to continue the creativity not just the AdZU Community but the nation as a whole amidst this pandemic through social media as a platform to showcase their respective artworks. We want to establish that art can be a medium for healing and to develop their skills and talent in different form of art.

Orgullo 2-Week Art Challenge (June-July 2020) In Collaboration with El Consejo Atenista, Social Awareness and Community Service Involvement (SACSI) and Rotaract Club of Metro Zamboanga and to our partner organizations, the Ateneo Center for Culture and the Arts created ORGULLO: TIMELESS SERVICE TO OTHERS: 2 WEEK ART CHALLENGE. A two-week art challenge encouraging everyone to participate in the celebration of pride month. Any form of art was welcome, painting, sculpture, dance, Music, Literary arts, etc.

Artist Guild of Ateneo (AGUILA)

Creation of Artist Guild of Ateneo, the alliance of art organizations in the Ateneo de Zamboanga University.

AGUILA Members:

  • ADZU Concert Band
  • Blue Vigors
  • Teatro Ateneo
  • ADZU Glee Club