Home | School of Liberal Arts invites students to choose the liberal arts

“In SLA, You can!” declares the liberal arts students who spearheaded the three-hour forum on liberal arts education, in coordination with the Liberal Arts Academic Organization (LAAO). The event was held last September 19, 2019, at the Carlos Dominguez Conference Hall (CDCH).

AdZU SHS students taking up Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) were in attendance for dibs on which courses to consider in college, especially in the Liberal Arts.

Prominent SLA alumni talked about how their undergraduate course helped them in their respective careers, providing insights to students on why they should take LA courses.

Among the speakers was AB English alumnus Zamboanga Ecozone Chairman Christopher Lawrence S Arnuco, who said that for students to earn good post-graduate scholarships locally and internationally, social and community exposure and engagement are a must and SLA courses offer great opportunities for students to venture out and discover community problems and ways to solve them.

Other speakers present were Colegio de la Ciudad de Zamboanga Administrator and Head for City Special Events Christian E Olasiman, a BA Communications graduate, AdZU resident Counselor Sheila L Tiong, a BS Psychology graduate, Jehana S Abubakar-Usman, an AB Interdisciplinary
Studies graduate, and Alanna Michelle Escudero, also an AB English graduate.

A Q&A portion gave the participants an opportunity to ask questions relating to the SLA and opportunities they can take.