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The Physical Plant Department consist a force of professional, skilled, and semi-skilled employees.  They include Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, architectural draftsman,   electricians, carpenters, painters, plumbers, ACU technicians, Telephone and Electronic Technician, mechanics, secretary, and student assistant.  They can respond to urgent and specialized needs and provide continuity of basic maintenance and repair programs.


a. Carpenter
Carpenters and painters are grouped together into a shop unit to perform all aspects of carpentry work, painting, glass installation, and tile and masonry work on campus. 

b. Electrical Shop 
The Electrical Shop provides service and repair of electrical and lighting systems on campus. The electricians also install new fixtures, provide new wiring for equipment, and maintain all control systems.

c. Building and Grounds Maintenance 
This unit is responsible for the care and maintenance of campus grounds and janitorial works  including  ,  mowing , and watering lawns, maintaining established shrubbery and trees on the campus,  and  maintenance of athletic facilities. 

d.  Plumbing Shop 
The   Plumbing   services and maintains all plumbing fixtures.

e. Telephone and Electronics TEchnician
The   Elctronic technician is responsible in  the rerpair and installationos of Telephone lines in the Campus.    

f. ACU Technician 
The   ACU technician is responsible in the cleaning and repair of   window type ACU  as per approved schedule by the this office.