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The Exchange Program


The EXCHANGE Program is a hybrid Social Formation Program, adapted from SACSI Office’s Social Involvement Month (SIMO); Summer of Service (SOS); and the Semestral Break Immersion Program (SBIP) and implemented in partnership with the Philosophy Department of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University.

It exposes students to social realities pervading at the grassroots level by deploying students to do trial labor in various working environments. On the other hand, partner companies get skills, attitude, and knowledge enhancement training seminars and workshops for their employees. This partnership enables the Ateneo to fulfill its mandate on helping in the development process of communities.


1. Propel students into becoming socially aware of issues and problems in their communities.

2. Capacitate students by deepening their understanding and appreciation of the various philosophical theories on the human person through exposure setting.

3. Maximize tie-up with partner institutions through employee skills enhancement seminars and workshops at the same time providing opportunities for student formation.


1. Login to MyADZU portal account

2. Click on SIMO/EXCHANGE tab

3. Choose the preferred class


1. Biodata with recent 2×2 Picture

2. Daily Time Record (DTR) sheet

3. Waiver/Parents’ Consent

4. Profile Sheet

5. Medical Certificate

6. Evaluation Sheet

7. Photocopies of valid student ID and valid ID of both Parents


1. Be punctual in reporting for duty

· Submit the requirements on time.

· Go to the orientation 15 minutes before the said time.

· Go to the company 15 minutes before the time.

2. Practice Good Manners and Right Conduct

· Be courteous; polite, and sensitive to the people around you.

· Go to the company 15 minutes before the time.

· Remember, less talk, less mistakes.

3. Refrain from using mobile phones, gadgets, and other personal valuable belongings during office hours.

5. Observe prescribed attire and follow company policies.

6. Do not wear any clothing/uniform that will associate you with AdZU during company orientation and deployment.



*Water Refilling Stations  


*Public Utility Transportation

*Product Manufacturer           

*Landscaping & Gardening

*Government Agency               

*Computer Services